Benefits and Rebates

When it comes to covering the cost of childcare, the way you may receive assistance has recently changed, removing the Child Care Rebate and Benefits, and introducing the Child Care Subsidy. Below is the basic information you need to know, as well as some handy links to useful web pages to help you determine your eligibility and potential assistance amount.

Child Care Benefit - As of July 2018

The new Child Care Subsidy is paid directly to your child care provider to reduce the fees you pay. You may be eligible if you or your partner meet the following factors:

  • You care for your child at least 2 nights per fortnight, or have 14% care
  • You are liable for fees for care provided at an approved child care service

    Your child must also satisfy the following:

    • Your child has all immunization requirements.
    • Your child is not attending secondary school, unless an exemption applies.

    More Information

    You can find more information regarding the Child Care Benefit, eligibility and payment rates here:

    Extra Support

    Some families will be able to receive support in addition to their child care subsidy. There are 3 different types of Additional Child Care Subsidy that you can apply for. You can apply if you’re either:

    • a grandparent
    • transitioning to work
    • experiencing temporary financial hardship.

    More Information

    You can find more information regarding the Child Care Rebate, eligibility and payment rates here:

    Estimate your potential Child Care payments here:

    Still have questions? Check out FAQ here:

    Determining how much you can get

    When determining eligibility for the Child Care Subsidy, the following factors will be taken into consideration:

    • your family’s income
    • the hourly rate cap based on the type of approved child care you use and your child’s age
    • the hours of activity you and your partner do.

    The amount of subsidised child care you can access per fortnight applies to each child.

    The Child Care Safety Net

    The package includes a $1.2 billion Safety Net to give the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, including those from regional and remote communities, a strong start through access to quality early learning and child care.

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