The kidzbiz Team

The kidzbiz Centres are run and operated by a team of highly qualified managers.

Each centre's day-to-day operations are looked after by a qualified centre manager who lead our educators with passion, care, compassion and diversity.

An upper management team oversee all centres and ensure that services operate at a level of quality that surpases all expectation and that exceptional care of our children remain our first and foremost priority

Jenni Gatto
Owner and Managing Director

Ms Jennifer Gatto completed a Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) at Edith Cowan University in 1988. She then worked as an Early Childhood Teacher in Mount Magnet and South Hedland between 1989 and 1994.

In 1996, Jennifer designed, built and opened her first Child Care Centre in the town centre of Wanneroo. Since then, kidzbiz has expanded to successfully operate centres at Wanneroo (opened 1996) Beaumaris (opened 2003), Broome (opened 2008), Jindalee (opened 2010), Nedlands (opened October 2016), Dianella (opened January 2017).

In addition to being directly involved in the day to day operations, Jennifer leads a very successful management team. Largely responsible for the overall strategic vision, operations and growth of the kidzbiz Child Care Group - her successes stem from a collaborative approach with her managers, educators and centre families and community stakeholders.
General Business Manager

Sheila Venables
Operations/Compliance Manager

Mrs Sheila Venables, the Operations Manager, has worked continuously with kidzbiz for 11 years. She attends each centre for a full day of contact support every week and is on call throughout each week day. The Operations Manager is responsible for ensuring each centre is delivering a high-quality child care service to the children, families and the community, in all aspects of its’ operation.

The Operations Manager runs weekly internal audits on each service’s practices and compliance with Quality Indicators. Kidzbiz has devised many quality assurance procedures throughout their years of operation. Monthly management meetings enable the all key stakeholders to devise and strategize best care practice for each service.

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