Structured Learning Programs

At kidzbiz Early Learning Centre, your child will embark on a learning journey of the highest quality and one which has been specifically designed to support the unique ways in which young children learn.

We implement learning programs following the National Early Years Learning Framework to support and enhance young children’s learning. This framework has a strong emphasis on play-based learning as play is the best vehicle for young children’s learning. We aim to ensure that every child’s individual early learning journey is a happy and successful experience filled with extraordinary moments of joy and discovery.


Our babies care room caters for a maximum of 12 babies with 3 educators. Due to their individual routines, the babies rotate between sleeping, feeding and play time.

Our qualified educators design the babies educational and developmental programs. Every baby has an individual plan which is regularly reviewed to ensure that the programs evolve as babies meet their developmental milestones. The assistant carers assist the program development by taking observations of each baby and making note of their interests, strengths and any area that may require attention. 

Babies enjoy a varied program that includes art, singing, movement sessions, object manipulation, inside mat play and outside play time in the sandpit or on the wheeled toys. Our babies, like all children at the service, work throughout the year to complete activities and participate in experiences that are recorded in their very own Portfolio.


Toddlers enjoy the next step in our Early Learning Curriculum Programs that meet the developmental needs for this age group. Educators work with children to ensure each child’s development is progressing appropriately for their age.

When children reach toddler age they start to become autonomous learners and the care room is designed to encourage children to become more independent. Toddlers delight in finding they can do some things without help. Kidzbiz educators know this stage of development and assist the children to develop self- control and use their new skills in positive ways.


Kidz Biz know how important the pre-school years are and can guarantee all children who progress through our Kindy program for a full year, will transition into the school environment and curriculum with ease.

Kindy children at kidzbiz are encouraged to become independent and resourceful learners. Children participate in the Early Years Learning Framework progressing along their individual continuum. Learning encompasses all areas of a child’s development.  Every day presents new challenges and opportunities for enquiry, experimentation, problem solving, cooperation, trial and error and so on. The children learn through doing and playing. Children know the room routine and are capable of self- directing to activities of interest. Educators make equipment and materials accessible for the children to manipulate as the child desires, through play or creation.

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