Toddlers enjoy the next step in our Early Learning Curriculum Programs that meet the developmental needs for this age group. Educators work with children to ensure each child’s development is progressing appropriately for their age.

Children are starting to become autonomous learners and the care room is designed to encourage children to do things for themselves. Toddlers delight in finding they can do some things without help. Kidz Biz educators know this stage of development and assist the children to develop self- control and use their new skills in positive ways.

Meals are now served to children sitting at table and chairs. Toddler picnics on blankets, are held outside, when the weather and menu permits.

Sleep time is after lunch and our little ones have low hammock style beds with their own linen. We find these beds are an excellent transition from a cot as they are safe, comfortable and hygienic. Our educators sit with the children while they settle to sleep listening to relaxation music.

Toilet training is incorporated into the room’s routines. Carers liaise with parents on the child’s progress and can give helpful assistance.