Our Kindy room is operated by a university trained school teacher.


Kidz Biz know how important the pre-school years are and can guarantee all children who progress through our Kindy program for a full year, will transition into the school environment and curriculum with ease.  

Kindy children at Kidz Biz are encouraged to become independent and resourceful learners. Children participate in the Early Years Learning Framework progressing along their individual continuum. Learning encompasses all areas of a child’s development.  Every day presents new challenges and opportunities for enquiry, experimentation, problem solving, cooperation, trial and error and so on. The children learn through doing and playing. Children know the room routine and are capable of self- directing to activities of interest. Educators make equipment and materials accessible for the children to manipulate as the child desires, through play or creation. 

The Kindy children, as with all our care groups, have an individual Portfolio which contain samples of learning stories, activities, art and progress reports. These valuable records of your child’s learning become very special to the children and go home at the end of the year.

Our kindy group have a half day excursion to the closest government primary school in November. The Kidz Biz teacher liaises with the primary school and arranges a tour of a classroom and children bring a packed lunch on this day. We know the move to school can be daunting, so we aim to ease our children’s concerns by conducting this transition excursion.

Parents are welcome to book a meeting with the Kidz Biz teacher to discuss their child’s care and progress. Unfortunately, during session time the educators must give their full attention to the children and do not have time to fully discuss your child’s situation.